aboutR & D Centre for Bicycle & Sewing Machine came into existence to provide technological inputs to the Bicycle & Sewing Machine & their component manufacturers. The main objective of this project was institute building to provide various engineering facilities for up grading the technological level of the small scale industries. The institute was established in 1982-83 by Punjab Govt. with the assistance of UNIDO/UNDP. This R & D Centre is one of its kinds in the country. It is built upon an area of 7.5 acre, situated in the prime industrial Focal Point of Ludhiana & has strength of 111 personnel including Operators & Engineers. The institute has well equipped Laboratories, Workshops, Design, Training Wing & Library. The Machinery & Equipment installed are of National/International credibility and are operated by trained staff under supervision of experienced professionals. The institute is helping industry in their technological & quality requirements. The institute is an autonomous Society governed by Governing Council consisting of Punjab Govt. officials, representatives of industry, trade & associations.

  1. To create & provide facilities to the SME Sector to enable them to upgrade and become competitive in world market.
  2. To acquire, demonstrate, develop & disseminate new technologies.
  3. To develop & transfer technologies as per the level of skill available with the SME Sector.
  4. To provide Research & Development & Common facilities to the SME Sector.
  5. To upgrade the level of skill available with the SME Sector to adopt newer technologies.
  6. To provide job specific hands on training to the working personnel of industry.

The interactive coupling between technology, economy & society has never been more intimate than it is today. Management of Technology is a fundamental determinant of wealth creating capacity of a nation. Technology has an immense capacity to improve the quality & reliability of product. Small scale manufacturing units continue to face technological & financial constraints in the quest to become globally competitive. Thus for supporting the applied R & D needs of Bicycle & Sewing Machine industry, this Research & Development Center was evolved.

To become a globally acknowledged innovative Research & Development Institute through sustained and dedicated efforts focused to assist the growth of small scale industry.

Research & Development Centre is committed to achieve organizational excellence in delivering cost effective quality services ensuring continuous customer satisfaction and emerge as self-sustaining support institute for Bicycle & Sewing Machine industry.

Behind the success is our belief in achieving goals and establishing mutually beneficial long term relations with our customers. We strive for the best through

• Transparency in working
• Maintaining high quality standards
• Time bound services
• Reasonable & affordable rates
• Continual improvements
• Customer oriented approach-focused, agile and innovative