Diagnostic Studies :

1. Pre-diagnostic

Towards a pre-diagnostic assessment, a visit of international expert (Professor from USA), Mr. Jeremy James Papadopoulos, was organized to Ludhiana (18-22 Dec 2016) in order to have consultations with (RDCBSM)R& D Centre for Bicycle & Sewing Machine Ludhiana, as well as the other stakeholders (the sectorial associations and the industry units) for upgrading of existing facilities &
infrastructure at R & D Centre

2. Diagnostic Assessment

Technical assessment by Mr. Jeremy James Papadopoulos: 17-25 Aug 2017.Mr. Papadopoulos visited Ludhiana for the technical diagnostic assessment. He conducted interviews with several bicycle component manufacturers, bicycle companies, representatives of AICMA and UCPMA, the Director of Industries & Commerce (Government of Punjab) as well as with the staff of RDCBSM.Mr. Papadopoulos gathered information regarding the main technical and skill gaps in the industry in order to identify the main requisite upgrades Mr. Haraldsen’s visited Ludhiana from 28 Aug 2017 to 07 Sept. 2017 to conduct interviews with RDCBSM, AICMA and UCPMA regarding their management/organisational set up. The assessment covered aspects such as vision and mission, organisation structure, R&D infrastructure, challenges faced in servicing the members, other gaps, requirements of international and technical supportnetworks, etc

Workshops Held:-

(i) A workshop on ‘Patents and IPR’ was conducted on 2-3 June 2017.
(ii) A workshop on ‘Standards for bicycle and its components’ was conducted on 22-23 June 2017 Skills development has also been facilitated through hands-on training, in the areas of bicycle testing, by the international expert Mr. Marcus Schroeder (from EFBE, a leading bicycle testing institution having centres in Germany and Taiwan).
(iii) A workshop on ‘Bicycle design’ was conducted on 25-27 July 2018 Regarding the design techniques for Bicycle Frame & Fork of different materials steel, aluminum and composite (carbon fiber) frames using the concepts of CAD,
parametric 3-D design on CATIA, Finite Element Modeling (FEM) using simulation and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) including design of Jigs & Fixtures for various models of Bicycles & Parts.
(iv) A workshop on ‘E-Bike’ was conducted on 14-16 November 2018 Hands-on-training in the field of Testing of Batteries (Battery analyser test,Soldering and Wire Connectors) and exposure to the testing of Motors & Controllers.

Workshops to be conducted (02):-

Dates and topics for the fifth and the sixth workshops are currently being discussed with the relevant international experts:
a. Qualified expertise has been identified to conduct a workshop on ‘Material behaviour and failure analysis and Bicycle Assembly’
b. Qualified expertise is being identified to conduct a workshop on ‘Finite Element Analysis for stress analysis (FEA).

Study Tours conducted:-

1. A study tour/exploratory mission to Japan for the head of the institute (RDCBSM) was conducted during 8-14 June 2017. This covered visits to and discussions with relevant institutions from Japanese bicycle industry (such as Japan Management Association- JMA, Keio University, select bicycle/ component manufacturers from Saitama Prefecture, etc.).
2. JMA was engaged for exploring potential project activities (study tour, trainings,etc.) with Japanese institutions. Further, deliberations were held from 15th Nov to 18th Nov 2017 for detailed consultations with the identified Japanese institutions and to work out specific interventions to be executed. Discussions with the identified technical partners (JVIA, TCD, JMAC) are currently on going to schedule training activities under the project.
3. A study tour to relevant bicycle institutions in China was organized during 29 June – 04 July 2018. Delegation comprised 5 participants from RDCBSM, AICMA and UCPMA and they participated in the Asia Bike Trade Show 2018 (Nanjing) and meetings with the Shanghai Bicycle Association, two bicycle testing labs and two Chinese bicycle companies. As a follow-up, areas for potential areas of cooperation are under discussion. One Joint declaration with
M/s CEVT (Test Lab in China) for Inter Lab comparison, Faculty exchange,Technology upgradation & dissemination has been signed. Joint Declaration with KBTC is being explored.
4. World Bicycle Industry Association (WBIA) has conducted a study tour to Europe (Portugal, Germany and Belgium) from 2-6 Dec 2018 and visited manufacturing facilities, the WBIA secretariat as well as the European Cycling Federation.International tie-up for Inter Lab comparison with National Association of Two Wheels Industries, Hardware, Furniture and Related Products (ABIMOTA),Agueda, Portugal.

Twinning Programmes:

Twinning with internationally reputed R&D Centres
1. The twinning process has been commenced with two leading institutions: the Japan Vehicle Inspection Association (JVIA, Japan) and EFBE, Germany
2. Discussion was also initiated with Japan Bicycle Promotion Institute (JBPI), which appeared to be a very relevant counterpart institution for RDCBSM.However, while acknowledging the importance of partnering, JBPI mentioned that they are under tremendous pressure due to recent decline in bicycle manufacturing in Japan and, hence, it would not be possible to explore any partnership presently
3. Discussions with the potential partners (international institutions) will be held during the study tours
4. During the exploratory mission to Japan, discussions were done with the Japan Vehicle Inspection Association (JVIA). They have expressed in-principle willingness to partner with RDCBSM at a broader level including becoming partner for inter-lab comparison for the testing services. Similar discussions were undertaken with the Tokyo College of Design (TCD) exploring the feasibility of starting courses on Bicycle Technician, Maintenance and frame building
5. Similarly, EFBE, Germany (whose Managing Director conducted the workshop on standards) expressed willingness to partner with RDCBSM at a broader level including becoming partner for inter-lab comparison for the testing services. To effect this, a set of samples has been sent from RDCBSM to EFBE for conducting tests on no-cost basis and same samples tested at R & D Centre (RDCBSM) showed similar results thus validating the test results of our labs.
6. Discussions for twinning with testing labs visited during the study tour to China (29 June – 04 July 2018) have been initiated. Discussions pertaining to potential areas of collaboration are underway
7. Template for the Joint Declaration was developed and shared with RDCBSM and the Chinese counterparts (CEVT and KBTC) for concurrence
8. CEVT (Test lab in China) and RDCBSM have signed a joint declaration regarding the testing of e-bikes.
9. KBTC is currently reviewing the draft joint declaration to be signed with RDCBSM for testing of the Bicycle & its parts as per International Standards
Twinning with relevant Bicycle Associations
1. Dialogue with several bicycle associations has been initiated, such as the World Bicycle Industry Association (WBIA) and its Members and the Shanghai Bicycle Association In the meantime, the list of potential partners is being finalized.
2. Discussions with the potential partners will be held during the study tours. Subsequent to the above mentioned activities under UNIDO interventions, following activities have been conducted:
(i) E-Bike Workshop by Dr. Don Gerhardt, USA from 14-16 Nov 2018.
(ii) Study Tour to Europe (Belgium, Portugal and Germany) from 02-06 Dec 2018.